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From the Desk of:
Drew Eric Whitman, D.R.S.
Direct Response SurgeonTM




July 17, 2018

Dear Friend:

Did you ever see:

... a magician "saw" a lady in half?

... a sword swallower gobble down a 28" blade?

...a mystic walk barefoot over a bed of fiery-hot coals?

These tricks are amazing. Mind-boggling. And seemingly impossible. But the truth is... if you knew the secrets behind them, you could do them too.

Creating Effective Advertising
is No Different

Because just like those uncanny magicians, today's advertising experts have special "tricks" of their own. They use consumer psychology. Powerful methods that influence people to read their ads... and buy like crazy. In fact, New York's biggest ad agencies use these tactics every day. And it doesn't matter what their clients sell... these tricks work for every business. Plus, they're 100% legal, ethical, and very powerful.

I Teach You These Secrets
In the Most Fascinating and Practical
Advertising Training Book You've Ever Experienced

Invest a few tax-deductible* dollars in CA$HVERTISING and I'll teach you how to create ads that can make your competition effectively "disappear." You'll learn how to turn weak, ineffective sales materials into hard-core money-makers that get you more business fast. No special skills are required. And most tricks cost nothing to use. Once you know the secrets, it's easy!

Success to you!

Drew Eric Whitman

P.S. I knew you'd read this P.S. That's because the P.S. is one of the most important parts of any sales letter... and it's often read first. Be sure to always restate your offer here... repeat your contact information... and push your prospect to take action!

* Consult your tax advisor for details

Table of Contents


ii. What They're Saying about Drew Eric Whitman's CA$HVERTISING Workshop





II. HOW TO GET INSIDE THEIR HEADS: The 17 Foundational Principles of Consumer Psychology

Principle #1: The Fear Factor-Selling the Scare
Principle #2: Ego Morphing-Instant identification
Principle #3: Transfer-Credibility via osmosis
Principle #4: The Bandwagon Effect: Give them something to jump on
Principle #5: The Means-End Chain-The critical core
Principle #6: The T-Model-Persuasion step-by-step.
Principle #7: Inoculation Theory-Make them prefer you for life
Principle #8: Belief Re-Ranking-Changing their reality
Principle #9: The Elaboration Likelihood Model-Attitudinal tune-up
Principle #10: The 6 Weapons of Influence-Shortcuts to persuasion
  1. Comparison: The power of your peers.
  2. Liking: The "Balance Theory." I like you. take my money!
  3. Authority: Cracking the code of credibility
  4. Reciprocation: What goes around comes around. profitably!
  5. Commitment/Consistency: The "Four Walls" Technique
  6. Scarcity: Get 'em while they last !
Principle #11: Message Organization-Attaining critical clarity
Principle #12: Examples vs. Statistics-And the winner is...
Principle #13: Message "Sideness"-Dual-role persuasion
Principle #14: Repetition and Redundancy-The familiarity factor
Principle #15: Rhetorical Questions-Powerful, aren't they?
Principle #16: Evidence-Quick... sell me the facts!
Principle #17: Heuristics-Serving billions of lazy brains daily
  1. "Length-Implies-Strength"-If you say a lot, it's probably true
  2. "Liking-Agreement"-I like you... here's my credit card
  3. "Consensus-Implies-Correctness"-The testimonial toppler
  1. The Psychology of Simplicity
  2. Bombard Your Readers with Benefits: The 8 Human Motivators
  3. Put Your Biggest Benefit In Your Headline (60% Rule)
  4. Crank Up the Scarcity
  5. 22 Psychologically Potent Headline Starters
  6. 12 Ways to Lure Readers Into Your Copy
  7. 360 Degrees of Attention-Getting Power: Differences stand out
  8. The Reverse-Type Pitfall: What multiple tests revealed. What the psychologists discovered.
  9. Crush Your Competition with Extreme Specificity
  10. The Famous Ogilvy Principle
  11. The Psychology of Typefaces: Serif versus sans-serif fonts. "Eye-vines". Which fonts are best for print? Web? Email? Sales letters?
  12. Insist on the Pro-Design Difference
  13. The Power of Questions: Creating neurological "open loops."
  14. The "Granny Rule" of Direct Mail: Your grandmother knew the secret. do you?
  15. The Psychology of "Social Proof"
  16. The Guillotine Principle: The most appealing photo of all.
  17. PVA's: The Easy Way to Boost The Power of Your Copy-"How Delicious Ad Copy Can Make You Drool Over a Bar of Bath Soap"
  18. Directing Mental Movies: How to Demonstrate Your Product in Your Prospects' Minds
  19. Battling Human Inertia: Take them by the hand and drive them to act now!
  20. Establish Your Unique Selling Proposition: How to Stand Out from the Crowd
  21. Buy Your Own Island
  22. Authority Positioning: Credibility Transfer
  23. A Sales Letter in Survey's Clothing: One thing leads to another. Survey your way to more sales.
  24. Power Your Ads with Pictures: The 7 best types of photos. The power of demonstration. The power of action and pseudo-movement.
  25. Grabbers. Grabbers. Grabbers: Engage their brains by involving all their senses.
  26. Long Copy vs. Short: The old debate, dead and buried. Battle of two salespeople. Length-Implies-Strength Heuristic
  27. Offer Testing: Keying, Tracking, Modifying, Retesting
  28. Survey Power: Let the market tell you what it wants.
  29. Editorial Ads: The authority appeal. What it looks like and how to do it. Copy camouflage.
  30. The Coupon Persuader: Financial anchors. How to ring your customers' Pavlovian bell.
  31. Online Response Boosters: Best frequency for emailing. Click-through rates. HTML vs. text. Best way to get your emails opened. Ad size and readership. Animation click-through booster.
  32. Multi-Page Your Way to Success: The top 10 ways to insert your ads for maximum impact.
  33. Guarantees that Guarantee Higher Response: Reversing the risk. How guarantees affect your reader psychologically. How to construct your guarantees for maximum impact
  34. The Psychology of Size: Full versus half versus quarter-page ads
  35. The Psychology of Page and Section Positioning: Left or right? De-bunking the myths.
  36. The Fantastic Four: The only ad positions worth paying more for.
  37. Consumer Color Preferences & How Color Affects Readership
  38. The Psychology of Pricing: $15.99 or $19.95? The magic of price points. Pricing frequency.
  39. The Psychology of Color
  40. Price-Point Psychology
  41. Wrap Your Ads in White
  42. Resist the Temptation to be Clever
IV. Hot Lists: 96 Easy Ways to Boost Your Ad Response
  1. a. 19 Response Superchargers
  2. b. 8 Ways to Prove Low Prices
  3. c. 12 Ways to Make Buying Easy
  4. d. 11 Ways to Boost Coupon Returns
  5. e. 46-Point "Killer Ad" Checklist
V. Recommended Reading